I started out as the only photographer for my Alaskan home town newspaper, The Anchorage Daily News, when I was fifteen. I shot most of the photos that summer, and did all of the darkroom work. Since then photography has been my life. I did other things along the way. I was a professional musician, I worked in the Del Monte cannery in Oakland, California. I worked making color TV’s for RCA in Bloomington, Indiana. I always took the jobs so that I could afford my Leicas, lenses and film.

Eventually, to have the financial freedom to photograph only what interests me I wrote software for photographers, based on what I needed in my own career. The Cradoc Captionwriter became the standard for making id labels for 35mm slides. fotoQuote became the standard for pricing stock and assignment photography, fotoBiz for business management and the foto Keyword Harvester to simplify keywording.