Woman walking in snow. Prague 1991

After The Wall Prague, Czechoslovakia 1991. The Soviets were leaving and the communist economic structure was disappearing with them. The economies were converting to Capitalism, but nobody really knew how to do it. People were frightened. They weren’t sure how they would feed themselves. I saw this woman coming down the street and she reminded […]


Three generations of Spanish women - Marbella Spain, The Spanish, The Spanish,

The Spanish Three generations of Spanish women during Semana Santa or Holy Week. Marbella, Spain. I lived in Marbella (Pron. Marbeya) Spain for several years, and loved it. There are some places where I always carry my camera because surprises are always happening. I’ve lived in Santa Fe, New York, Paris, Vancouver and Porto Portugal. […]


Farmer on terraced fields. China 1984

Pre-Industrial China In 1984 I was invited, along with a select group of other photographers to visit China. The country had decided to start opening it’s door to the outside world. They desperately need foreign capital. By sponsoring a group of photographers who had a history of being published in major magazines their hope was […]


Black and white street portrait. Rua de Santa Catarina - Porto Portugal No.1, Street Portraits,

Street Portraits – Phone Rua de Santa Catarina is the main shopping street in Porto, Portugal. Rapid changes in the economy have put the country under a great deal of stress. I lived in Porto for two years and would take my iPhone for regular walks along the street. I shot as close and fast […]

Street Photography

Street Photography,

The Street Photography In Europe they touch the toes of the statues for good luck. The big toe of many barefoot statues shine where the patina has been rubbed off of the bronze. This is the bull at the foot of Wall Street in New York. The tourists the day I was there seemed to […]

Tribal & Indian Culture

Puye Cliff ceremonial. Santa Clara pueblo, New Mexico, Indian Culture,

Tribal & Indian Culture I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for twenty-three years. I started photographing the Indian pueblos immediately when I got there. The native culture was, to me, the most interesting in the US. In 1973 I married Santa Clara pueblo artist, Helen Hardin.


Navajo artist R.C. Gorman. Taos, New Mexico. Closing for camera.

Artists and Writers of New Mexico Navajo artist R.C. Gorman. Taos, New Mexico. Writer, Frank Waters. Author of Book of the Hopi and Man Who Killed a Deer. Santa Clara pueblo artist, Helen Hardin. New Mexico. Famed potter, Maria Martinez or Maria Poveka Martinez. Allan Houser, a Chiricahua Apache sculptor and painter at his home […]


John Wayne actor the cowboys, Everyone Else,

Everyone Else I had an assignment to photograph an essay on the making of the movie, “The Cowboys,” starring John Wayne. I spent a couple of days on the movie set. On the second day, a filming day for Wayne, he mostly stood around waiting for the setups. He’d come onto the set, say a […]


Crossroads with a car in Indiana at dusk., Everything Else,

Everything Else Crossroads, Indiana USA. 1960’s. It was a quintessential slice of Americana, encapsulating the essence of small-town life during a transformative era. Nestled amidst rolling farmlands and picturesque landscapes, Crossroads epitomized the idyllic charm of rural America. With its main street adorned by mom-and-pop stores, a bustling diner, and a local movie theater, the […]